Ju-Jitsu (literally "the gentle fighting art") is an empty handed extension of the sword fighting art of the Japanese Samurai. This ancient art involves joint locks, take-downs, throws, control and restraint techniques, submission holds, chokes, pressure point techniques, as well as strikes and blocks. It includes everything from stand-up defense, to ground-defense, to weapons defense. Some of the strengths of Ju-Jitsu are being able to control an attacker without bodily harm, or having the option to use as much force as necessary to stop the aggression.  Youth should start learning the basics of Ju-Jitsu at the age of 4, such as falls and escapes.  But for more advanced techniques, the age depends on the individual.  Ju-Jitsu training also includes the use of traditional and modern weapons as defensive tools. Isshin Bushi Ju-Jitsu is a fully recognized and certified system.



Isshin Bushi Ju-Jitsu is a modern American combat martial art developed by Sensei Bush in 1990.  Isshin Bushi Ju-Jitsu employs techniques and philosophies from many different styles of martial arts.  Together these different influences form a combat fighting style suitable for men, women, and children.  Isshin Bushi Ju-Jitsu is considered a "full circle system" martial art.  It incorporates techniques and elements of many different combat and fighting styles.  There is an almost endless list of influences and ideas, ranging from simple evasions and street self defense, to military and police hand-to-hand tactics, to escrima sticks and ground fighting.  No matter the tactic, Isshin Bushi Ju-Jitsu utilizes the simplicity of the movements to achieve the most effective and fluid technique.  The term "Bushi" originates from Bushido.  In ancient Japan, the Bushido code bound the Samurai as a family. 

What students discover at the U.S. Ju-Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts Center is just that - a family that supports, encourages and helps to instill confidence in one another.  Students here compete against themselves and learn from each other.  To fully understand the meaning of each "Jitsu," or technique of Isshin Bushi Ju-Jitsu, all egos must be left at the door.  Students train to handle adverse situations.  By not competing against one another, they become proficient in the techniques necessary to protect themselves, their classmates, their family and friends.